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Vives :: About Us

Who we are

In Vives Shoes we are bringing fashion to the feet since 1925, walking towards our customers in order to offer them new market trends.

Our main commitment is to adapt to our customers and that's why we offer them three different styles: VIVES LEATHER, VIVES COLLECTION y VIVES TREND, so everyone can find its perfect shoes and accessory, always with good quality and good prices.

VIVES LEATHER our premium product line at prices for everyone. Shoes made in Spain and Italy with quality leather.

VIVES COLLECTION inspired in the every day. The target is working people who are searching for comfortable and casual shoes, but always with fashion tendencies. 

VIVES TREND  It is the youngest collection, which chases the last news in fashion to be always trendy with very competitive prices.

Our main values, which have been featuring us since 1925, are Comfort, Tradition, Trend and Good Prices. These values remain as the backbone of our work, always accompanied with hard work, honesty and business integrity.

VIVES stores remember the Mediterranean, charming beaches, warmth, sun... We want our stores to carry our tradition for footwear, that's why we use hardwood to show our products. 

At our online store vivesonline.com you will find all our product range, with discounts at an only one click from your home, or other delivery points

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